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enjoy your visit home!

Elsie  Zhang

welcome home !

enjoyed the Canada Day ?

here in Montreal,we only had 5 min of firework.


lol! And bet that your little one will be working those remote controls with ease in a few years time;)Enjoy your stay.


Welcome back to Canada!
Have you been hit by the heat wave as Montreal has? I felt like I was cooking all week... it was really quite awful. I hope you take care and drink a lot of water.

Although, right now there's a HUGE thunderstorm so I'm guessing that the heatwave is finally over. :)


enjoy your activities, have fun!


Hi from Canada


Thanks all!

Kelly, we did get the heat wave, I thought it was brutal at the time but now I'm feeling kind of nostalgic for it. It's not much hotter here in Tokyo but the humidity is awful, and I'd trade a Tokyo heat wave for a Toronto heat wave any day.

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